Frequently Asked Questions

Measurements: who confirms them?

Measurements are one of the most important pieces in the design work that we do. Ultimately, it is up to you and/or your general contractor to confirm them. While we do complete the truss, floor, metal, and beam designs, we base these off of the information and dimensions supplied by our customers. The dimensions that we will need to confirm prior to production include: Truss Span: The truss span is the most important of measurements in your project. Simply put, this is the width you would...

Orders: How do I place them?

Orders placed with Kamloops Truss are meant to be easy as possible! When you receive your free estimate from us, please review it's content and price. We will also send any other materials for you review. These may be layouts, profiles, beam specs, or design concerns. After your have reviewed these, we ask that you return a signed copy acknowledging this via email or in person. If you have any questions, concerns, or changes, please make us aware of these as soon as possible. To place your...

Delivery: How much notice do I need to give?

When you are ready to place your order with us and want to set up delivery, the best time to set this up is, you guessed it, the sooner the better. While we would like to accommodate all of our clients, contractors and customers as well as possible, we ideally have 3-weeks of notice for your delivery. 3-weeks notice gives our scheduling department enough time to work with you on a date to accept your package, as well as time to ensure that the design is completed to perfection. If there ever...

Quotes: How long until I receive one?

With all of our quotes, we strive to have them back to you within 7-10 business days. With that being said though, there are a few things that you can do to help us get them back to you sooner. Send full PDF or printed plans: Sending a PDF or bringing in a complete set of plans will help speed up the process. With this, we know exactly what to design. A complete set of plans will include elevations, cross sections, dimensions, specifications, foundations, and any other construction notes and...

Permanent Bracing: What is it?

Permanent bracing is simply a form of bracing that will be installed in the roof as a permanent part of the roof system. There are a few different types of bracing that we use at Kamloops Truss; continuous lateral bracing, T-bracing, L-bracing and scabs. Continuous Lateral Bracing The most common form of permanent bracing is continuous lateral bracing. This is a member placed and connected at right angles to a chord or web to prevent it from buckling under design loads. It is very important to...

Temporary Bracing: what is it?

Temporary bracing is meant to hold the trusses true to line, dimensions, and plumb during the erection of the roof. This will also hold the trusses in a stable condition until permanent bracing's are in place. It is important for a multitude of reasons, including: Helping to withstand the gravity forces of its own weightResist wind loads during constructionSupport temporary construction dead loads such as the weight of sheathing and roofing materialsKeeping the trusses plumbAssuring the...

Cutting a Truss: can I do this in the field?

Cutting a truss in the field should not be done. This is because structural members of a truss require proper field repair engineering. Non-structural members, such as overhangs or filler bottom chords may be cut as long as they do not interfere with the structural integrity of the truss. If you are in doubt, stop. Do not cut and give us a call.

Software: what do you use?

At Kamloops Truss, we are currently using MiTek software which provides material lists, support the whole-house design created, and much more. MiTek is a global supplier In addition to managing materials, your structural component materials can be managed from one location because it is a true unified database that provides for consistent data flow and eliminates file sharing.

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