SIS & ZIP Panels

Energy efficient exterior walls made easy.

Benefits of SIS Panels

There are many solutions for energy efficient exterior walls but often they are expensive, time consuming, require more trades on site, or require alternative building techniques.

Don’t reinvent the wheel to build better. Simply build your walls as you normally would, and let exterior insulated sheathing take care of the rest.

Thermal bridging is a bigger issue than you think. Heat loss always takes the path of least resistance and in exterior walls, that’s through the studs & plate material. This heat loss is called thermal bridging.

By improving the building envelope and eliminating thermal bridging, the building operates more efficiently and lengthens the lifespan of the mechanical systems by reducing it’s workload.

In a recent case study we found that 17% of exterior walls in an average home have next to no insulation due to thermal bridging.

SIS panels versus SIP walls:

While the exterior insulated sheathing panels may look similar to SIP Walls, and both products are used for the construction of the building envelope, there are several key differences between the two wall assemblies.

The main difference is the way these products are utilized in the building envelope. SIS Sheathing is designed to be installed on the exterior of the wall frame, replacing the sheathing as part of the building envelope.

SIP Walls are designed to replace the entire wall structure and are typically built with a 2×6 wood frame, an EPS insulated core with pre-cut opening for wiring/piping, and OSB sheathing.

Why SIS Panels?

  • Reduced Thermal Bridging: Thermal Bridging creates heat loss throughout your exterior wall through studs and plate material. Did you know that 17% of exterior walls in the average house only has a R-Value of R5 – R6?

  • Reduce Costs While Saving Time: SIS Panels combines multiple layers of the building envelope into one product so these layers can be installed simultaneously more consistently. Speed up your project timeline with less trades on site.

  • Customizable Inside and Out: Whether your project requires eco-friendly materials, high R-Values, or non-combustibility: SIS Panels have you covered. Mix & match our solutions to meet your project requirements. 

Coming soon to building centers in central B.C.

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