When you are ready to place your order with us and want to set up delivery, the best time to set this up is, you guessed it, the sooner the better.

While we would like to accommodate all of our clients, contractors and customers as well as possible, we ideally have 3-weeks of notice for your delivery.

3-weeks notice gives our scheduling department enough time to work with you on a date to accept your package, as well as time to ensure that the design is completed to perfection. If there ever is a time where 3-weeks out just won’t work for you, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your desired date.

While we have our own Roll and Crane trucks, we also work closely with Nomad Crane, giving you even more opportunity to have your package delivered just when you need it! We work on an order-by-order system, where once a date fills up on our production side, those who would like to book after may not get their desired date.

If you need to book a delivery with us, you can contact our office at 250-374-3330 and ask to speak with shipping, or send an shipping to us at shipping directly.