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Kamloops Truss is excited to announce the arrival of our brand new boom crane, with 75-foot reach to get the job done! 

We provide competitive quotes and various delivery options to meet your needs. We are able to schedule deliveries to many locations, including the Lower Mainland, Kelowna, Revelstoke, and Prince George.
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Roller Truck
Our equipment also includes 1-ton, dual wheel, 4-wheel drive pick-up trucks and haul high boy roller deck trailers which can be loaded with your materials and delivered to your job site at your designated location.

Crane Service
We have experienced, WCB certified crane operators to ensure your delivery is as seamless as possible. Everything is built and delivered according to your schedule, and brought to the location of your choice.

To ensure our drivers can locate your site accurately on the first try, please provide a pin drop if your location is in a rural community. This will help us to streamline the delivery process and ensure your products are delivered to the correct location. CLICK HERE!

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Popular Delivery Methods

Roller Truck Deliveries (ROLL) – include driving time, delivery to site and the materials placed on the ground at the direction of the owner/general contractor/site super/framing contractor. If someone is not able to be onsite for the delivery. Details or instructions to indicate where the materials are required upon scheduling your delivery.

Crane Truck Deliveries (CRANE) – include driving time, setup, and placement of the materials on the framed structure as banded and at the direction of the owner/general contractor/site super/framing contractor. If the Buyer requires additional crane service, this service can be provided for additional charges. Advance scheduling and authorization are required for all additional crane services.

Advantages to Crane Deliveries

  • Can take more materials in one load
  • Less heavy lifting for the framing crew – they will thank you!
  • More cost effective due to decrease in set-up time


Crane Delivery Truck

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