Glulam + LVL Beams

Structural support, steel alternative, and visually appealing

Kamloops Truss LTD. is not only the leader in technology but offers the latest and greatest in construction and building products such as Wesure columns, glulam beams and Gang-Lam® beams and the complementary hangers for all products. 

These beams can be a very esthetically pleasing addition to any design structure and can provide a custom built look to your project. We go above and beyond to make certain your design meets and exceeds current construction codes in British Columbia. Let us know how we can make your project a success; contact us today to receive a free quote

Glulam is a demonstratively sustainable alternative to concrete and steel. It has much lower embodied energy than these, and, although of course glulam does entail more embodied energy than solid timber, the laminating process allows timber, a generally environmentally benign material, to be used for much longer spans, heavier loads and complex shapes.

Advantages to Glulam + LVL Beams

  • Environmentally friendly materials that don’t need to be mined or manufactured as steel and cement does
  • Flexibility in spans and sizes
  • Different options of appearance can create the warm and comfortable look you would like
  • A higher strength to width ratio than steel


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