When you think of trusses, do you think of freedom?

We know that might sound crazy, but it isn’t! Engineered Trusses offer virtually unlimited architecture versatility. This provides complete flexibility of interior partitioning and room arranging. The accuracy from one truss to the next creates a seamless production, installation, and finish.

Some advantages to using trusses right off the bat:
  • Quick & easy erection time
  • Lightweight- generally 20 to 40 percent less than conventional framing
  • Open web designs available
  • Durable with a proven performance record
  • Provide efficient inspection with “total in-place cost” savings

Esthetically, a builder can take a basic floor plan and leave it exactly the same. Yet, from the outside, it can be made to look like a number of different ways, just by changing the trusses. This can leave your home build looking like a complete custom build ready for just you.

Most people with construction loans don’t get to their first draw until the roof is dried in. Trusses will get you there weeks ahead of conventional framing. They are pre-built at our production site, shipped to you, ready to be rolled-off or craned up top!

Since trusses can span longer distances than conventional framing, an architect or builder can limit the use of interior load bearing walls. Thus, in most cases, changes can be made to the interior floor plan without causing major structural problems. Imagine your new home having a clear span of 40’, or your new agricultural and commercial buildings having a span of up to 90’? This leaves so much room for a floor plan that works for exactly what you need it to.

If trusses are something you’re considering for your next build, we can get you a quote! Don’t hesitate to contact us at 250-374-3330, via email, or via our e-form!