Expertise in Kamloops for Engineered Floor Design

Kamloops Truss LTD. is an expert in engineered floor design with the best service in the industry today. Experience and pride in our work are what drives our company. Working with state-of-the-art software, we are able to custom design floor systems for any building application that exceed current building code.

Solid Start LVL 2.0E- for Floors

Where conventional built up beams will not work, LVL or Laminated Veneer Lumber beams can. We use the Solid Start 2.0E. They are excellent as floor supports or as headers for doors, windows and garage doors and columns. These highly stable beams are free of the large-scale defects that plague dimension beams. Because they have no camber, using these beams results in a quieter, flatter floor and no shrinkage-related issues to deal with.

Engineered Floor Systems

We feature Louisiana Pacific beams, joists and rim boards that work together as a system, so you spend less time cutting and fitting. Our systems use fewer pieces and longer lengths than conventional framing so you’ll complete jobs in less time and you’ll have fewer problems with squeaky floors and ceiling gypsum board cracks. Our systems often cost less than conventional framing and result in reduced labor costs and material waste.

Our LPI Joists are light in weight, but heavy-duty. They have a better strength/weight ratio than dimension lumber. Knockouts can be removed for cross-ventilation and wiring. The consistent size of LPI joists helps keep gypsum board flat and free of unsightly nail pops and shadows, while keeping the finish work to a minimum.

Send Us Your Drawings

Send us your drawing and we will send it back with a superior floor design. You can e-mail us your drawings or send us a printed copy, it’s your choice. Any type of project is welcome, from small additions, new custom home construction to entire sub-division projects. Our experts will design the best possible floor for your project demands, no matter how large or complicated.

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