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Engineered Trusses

Creating more opportunities for customization, longevity, and satisfaction in your next building project.

Working with modern software, we are able to design engineered roof systems for any building application. Our trusses meet and exceed the building code in British Columbia. As they are custom engineered for every project, a wide variety of exterior profiles and ceiling shapes can be designed.

The best trusses are those manufactured with the highest quality components from start to finish. We design ours with the latest in state of the art MiTek design software. MSR lumber is then hand-picked and fed into our fully automated Hundegger Turbo Saw.

All trusses are then built using only MiTek quality metal plate connectors. Supplied with every order is a well labeled, laminated and easy to understand layout. We also supply a detailed and dimensioned Engineer-stamped drawing for each truss along with a Western Wood Truss Association of BC Handling, Installation and Bracing Guide. Three dimensional views and sections can be provided as needed. Each truss and floor component comes clearly labeled to match the layout provided. This allows for a quick and easy installation.

Send us your blueprints today and we will provide you with a superior roof system.


Advantages of 
Engineered Trusses

  • Quick & easy erection time

  • Up to 40% less lumber than conventional framing

  • Flexibility of design

  • Reduced onsite labour times

  • Spans of up to 65′ or more

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